“There is a peculiar potent chemistry at work here… Stylistically STEREOPTICON marries a roots blues approach with echoes of acoustic Zeppelin and flashes of refined pop songwriting craft.” – Mike Barnes, MOJO MAGAZINE

“From the traditions of fine duos such as Lowen & Navarro, Vigrass & Osborne, Brewer & Shipley and other wonderful songwriting / singing partnerships another exciting collaboration rises on the horizon with the impeccable Gary Lucas and Jann Klose. Their harmonies, vocal interaction and clear, precise guitars provide a listener with some enchanting listening.” – John Apice, No Depression

“Whether you’re fond of guitar-oriented albums or songs with endearing melodies, this album is sure to please. Each of its songs is a sweet candy to be sampled; it’s not unlike a box of chocolates in that respect. To that end, it would make an excellent Valentine’s Day gift. Or, you know, you could just treat yourself. Bottom line? If you need a new fix of upbeat songs to freshen up your life, you can’t go wrong with Stereopticon.” – Michael McCarthy, Love Is Pop

“A treasure trove of musical influences, including jazz, blues, and folk, permeate throughout and the end result is a cohesive, thought-provoking record.” Rating: Bad-ass – Jane Roser, That Music Magazine

“Each of them unique in his own special way, a collaboration between Gary Lucas and Jann Klose seemed inevitable… And now the two voices – one coming from guitar, and the other from vocal pipes – finally sound together on an ultimate joint venture: an album titled Stereopticon.” – Dmitry Epstein, Let It Rock

“…instantly we realize what a stellar guitar player Lucas is and what a top-notch singer Klose is… Here the pair come off sounding outstanding. …Lucas and Klose infuse these acoustic ditties with well-seasoned feel, expert songwriting and spectacular playing and singing. Stereopticon is simply a high-class collection from two masters at the game combining their talents seamlessly.” – Short And Sweet

“It’s got a Led Zeppelin III vibe…” – Shawn West, GuitCast